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A facial is a great way to relax & be pampered with the added benefits of giving your skin a real boost. We have a range of facials to suit all skin types.


A consultation is given on arrival, to discuss your facial requirements. No need to worry if you are unsure about what skin type or facial you need, our trained therapists will help determine that with you and advise on any after-care.

Anti-Aging Facial

The Anti-Aging Facial is aimed at mature skin types.

it gives a great boost to the skin while effectively softening the appearance of wrinkles and signs of fatigue.


Suited for MATURE Skin Types.

Hydrating Facial

The Hydrating Facial is formulated to restore moisture & boost the complexion. This facial will leave your skin feeling softer, supple and smoother.


(Includes neck & shoulder massage)

Suited for DRY & MATURE Skin Types.

Calming Facial

The Calming Facial is for those with all skin types. Using key facial ingredients of Mulberry & Pomegranate plus Vitamin E to soften, smooth and refresh sensitised skin.


Includes neck & shoulder massage)

Suited for NORMAL Skin Types.

Rebalancing Facial

The Rebalancing Facial is designed for those with more oily skin. This facial will help rebalance the skins moisture levels and control excess oil.


(Includes neck & shoulder massage)

Suited for Oily & Combination Skin Types.

Derma-Planing Facial

A specialised facial that exfoliates your skin and removes the buildup of dirt & oil, whilst using a fine blade to remove vellus hair known as “peach fuzz”. 


(Includes neck & shoulder massage)

Suited for ALL Skin Types.

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